You Should Have A Salty Bottom!

I love my sitz bath! The day after I had my first son my vagina felt like it had been stretched over a garbage bin like a too small grocery sack. It was sore and felt like it was somehow a different shape. Oh! Let’s not forget the stitches! *Warning!!!* We will...

A Little New Year Advice

This year was challenging, wasn’t it? I found it the hardest times I’ve ever had to live through.  I was scared and upset a lot of the time.  I was so full of anxiety and stress I honestly feared I might have a heart attack.  I’m serious. But I made...

Learning That I Am Enough

I recently attended a conference put on by my new certification organization ProDoula. It was an amazing few days of speakers and breakout sessions, people who loved and supported each other. Every person was there to help ensure that we all had the tools we needed to...

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