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What Happens At A Pelvic Physio Assessment?

Welcome to Part 2 of our two-part series on Pelvic Physiotherapy. We asked Kate Jones of Hamilton's Nest Physio to help us understand a little more about what happens during a pelvic physiotherapy. We know that pelvic floor health is important to postpartum recovery....

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Mastitis: What You Need to Know About This Serious Infection

Some infections come and go. A cold requires patience. Most ear infections in babies are no longer medicated. Plugged ducts  benefit from a warm compress and massage. Mastitis, though? You can't just nurse your way through that one. Mastitis is a serious...

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Newborn A Noisy Sleeper? Sleep Longer At Night

Babies make noise when they sleep.  I think a lot of first time parents are really shocked by this. Is your baby a noisy sleeper? Are you eager for a baby who can sleep longer at night? We use the phrase "sleep like a baby" to mean a long, deep and peaceful sleep but...

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Birth Feelings Are Messy

There are a lot of judgement and shame around birth choices in this world but your feelings about your birth are important, no matter what they are.

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3 Breastfeeding Things To Stop Doing Now

So You'll Make Breastfeeding More Comfortable Breastfeeding should not hurt.  Repeat that out loud right now: BREASTFEEDING SHOULD NOT HURT! If you are experiencing breastfeeding pain it is a sign that something is not right.  Here are 3 things you can do right this...

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Surviving the Myths of Motherhood

If our vision of motherhood and the reality of parenting are too far apart we are at risk of postpartum depression and other peripartum mood disorders. 

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