Let's Get Ready For Baby!

Your Circle of Support 

We’ve been helping families just like yours for over a decade. And, we’d love to help yours through this amazing transition. 

Our mission at Hamilton Family Doulas is to help you have the best pregnancy, birth and parenting experience possible.

We know how overwhelming it can be. There is a bewildering amount of information available, endless choices and many, often unwanted, opinions on what you should do. Let us help take the fear out of the entire process.

With your Hamilton Family Doulas doula at your side you’ll feel calm, supported, informed and empowered.


We offer a mix of online, group and private classes that are fun and jam-packed with great information for having a baby in Hamilton. Check out the schedule or make your own!

Birth Support

Home birth or a hospital, pain relief or working toward a natural birth, your Hamilton Family doulas will support you with information and comfort measures without judgment.

Postpartum Support

Our postpartum doulas are experts in newborn and postpartum care. They will come to your home to help you get rest, nourish your baby and become the best parent you can be.

Infant Feeding

Create a plan, get crisis help or have a specialist support your baby’s changing feeding needs with a specialist trained in breastfeeding, chest feeding and bottle feeding support. 

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