Hamilton Family Doulas has been teaching childbirth classes to families like yours for over a decade.  Drawing from evidence based medicine and 14 years of experience supporting birthing people, these birth prep and baby prep classes get to the heart of the matter:

What is birth really going to be like?

How can I have a better birth?

What do I really need to know to take care of my baby?

How can I set my baby and myself up for amazing sleep?

Find out not only how to survive but how to thrive in birth and parenting.

Better Birth Prep

Adopt a physiological approach to readying yourself for the birth experience you’ve longed for. Let our Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro be your guide, utilizing a compassionate, evidence-based, and biomechanical approach to support you in your journey. Together, we’ll work towards achieving your dream birth, step-by-step.

These services are available to pregnant people around the world, and including enhanced doula support for families in our local, Hamilton, Ontario area.


VBAC To Baby

VBAC can be a complex and challenging journey. Our VBAC specialist – a Body Ready Method Active Pro – is here to guide you every step of the way using an evidence-based, bio-mechanical and compassionate approach to helping you prepare for and achieve the birth you’ve been hoping for.

We have services available for pregnant people around the world and enhanced doula support for families in our local, Hamilton, Ontario area.


Birth Doula

If you’ve been wondering, where to find information you can trust?  Or, who is going to help you when you don’t even know what help you need? And, how about what the heck you’re going to do when you have to actually have your baby? Then you should have a doula at your side.

Find out what makes Hamilton Family Doulas the birth support sought out by midwives, doctors and nurses expecting in the Greater Hamilton area and surround yourself with calm, knowledgeable, expert support.



Are you worried you won’t know what your baby needs? That you won’t be successful at feeding your baby? That you may never sleep again?  Is your family far away?

It’s ok. We’ve got you.

These expert doulas will make you think angels are real! We guarantee you’ll feel safe, inspired and strong as you become the parent you always dreamed you would be.



Wake up rested so you can be the parent, partner and person you want to be. A Night Nanny will help your whole family sleep better for a happier, healthier home.

A trained expert in newborn care, knowledgeable in sleep shaping, infant feeding (including bottle feeding and breast/chest feeding) and postpartum recovery will nurture your precious infant while you get the rest you crave.




No more one-size-fits-some postpartum wraps that don’t give you the level of support you want. 

Experience the literal support of this traditional postpartum binding technique. Totally customized support means you binder adjusts to your healing body’s needs. 

You control the level of compression as this firm but flexible foundation supports your back and abdomen in the weeks after your baby, or babies, arrive.


Sleep is one of the biggest concerns new parents have and the support available is often confusing or incredibly expensive.

We cut through the confusion and help you get back to better sleep by first observing your family’s situation, assessing your needs and providing a plan.

Our goal is to meet your whole family’s needs for sleep, while focusing on easing your sweet baby into healthy sleep patterns in ways that fit your lifestyle.




Want all the handouts HFD clients get but don’t want a doula? Looking for a guide to preparing for birth and baby? We’re taking our nearly 2 decades of experience, wisdom and skills and creating a DIY support system to help you prepare for the birth of your baby. Want to know when we launch?

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