As the Managing Director of Proud Fertility, a Canadian Surrogacy Consultancy, I recommend all of our Surrogate Mothers receive the support of a doula. As an Intended Parent myself, I found it very reassuring to know that the person carrying my child would have the emotional care and information they needed throughout pregnancy and childbirth.

Your willingness to embark on a surrogacy journey speaks to your generosity and strength. You already know you are powerful and have the ability to endure the challenges of pregnancy and intensity of birth, but everyone needs a cheerleader. Everyone needs someone to remind them of just how strong they are when things get difficult. A doula is your personal coach through your surrogate pregnancy and birth, never letting you forget what a Goddess you are!

A doula can provide a particular type of support that your partner, Intended Parents and medical care providers are unable to provide. You can expect your doula to answer your questions related to pregnancy throughout your surrogacy journey. Your doula will provide ongoing support while you are giving birth. Ensuring you are never alone, your doula offers comfort measure and techniques to help you achieve the birth experience you are hoping for and can help you and your Intended Parents make the best choices for you.

When choosing a doula for your surrogate pregnancy, you will want to be sure your doula supports surrogacy. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe talking with your doula. A doula that is comfortable with surrogacy should be able to adjust the language used throughout labour for your unique birthing circumstances.

While supporting you during your surrogacy childbirth experience, your doula will:

  • Support you emotionally
  • Utilise comfort measures such as breathing techniques, relaxation methods, counter pressure, and positioning
  • Provide resources and quality information
  • Reassure and comfort you
  • Help you stay informed of your options and choices
  • Facilitate communication between you, your medical care providers, your Intended Parents, and your partner, if you have one

Intended Parents can appreciate the need for doula support knowing that it improves the Surrogate Mother’s experience and reduces the risk of numerous medical interventions.

Intended Parents can benefit significantly from the care of a Postpartum Doula. By hiring a Postpartum Doula, Intended Parents can reduce their risk of Depression associated with being a new parent and increase their success with learning to care for a newborn. Postpartum doulas may also assist with induced lactation and the care of older children.

Each surrogacy journey is unique. The need for thorough and professional support throughout pregnancy is not. It truly takes a village.


Nathan Chan is the Managing Director of Proud Fertility. After beginning his own surrogacy journey as a single man, Nathan has devoted his life and career path to helping others like him fulfill their family dreams through Egg Donation and Surrogacy in Canada. Proud Fertility has offices across Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Atlantic Canada. To learn more about becoming an Egg Donor, Surrogate Mother, or Intended Parent, please visit the Proud Fertility website and fill out an Interest Application.