Life is about to get a little crazy. Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes parties and family gatherings, gift buying, gift wrapping, baking, decorating… and we haven’t even gotten through Halloween yet!

Are you expecting a new baby soon? How are you ever going to fit it all in?!

That’s where a Postpartum Doula fits in. Did you know that you can hire a doula to help you take care of yourself, your baby and your home? Need more sleep at night? A doula can come to your home overnight and help take care of baby so that you can get more sleep.

Feeling like you’ll never get the hang of breastfeeding? Our Postpartum Doulas are trained to support your breastfeeding relationship, help you improve your technique and help identify when a challenge needs some higher level help. And they know where you can get that specialized help!

Worried you won’t be able to keep up with basic home and self care while you learn to parent? A Postpartum Doula can help with tidying up, prepping food, doing a load of laundry – those little tasks you may be too busy or too tired to take care of because, well, you’ve got some falling in love with your baby to do!

Now until New Year’s Eve 2015 Hamilton Doula Group is making it easier than ever to hire a postpartum doula. When you contract your first 24 hrs of support you will receive $50 off!

That’s 3 nights from 11pm-7am. Can you imagine someone being there just to help in those first three nights home from the hospital so you can get more sleep, learn to breastfeed and get your parenting experience off to an amazing start?

Or that could be 6 days, 3 days a week for 2 weeks, where a Doula comes to your home for 4 hrs in the morning, afternoon or evening. Not sure how you’re going to manage to make yourself lunch? Nervous about breastfeeding success? Just a little freaked out about how the heck one takes care of a newborn? Your Postpartum Doula will support you and nurture you so that you are confident, happy and rested and so is your baby!

Phone or email us today and let’s talk about how we can help you and your new family.