Postpartum Support




Postpartum paren with long brown hair lays beside a newborn on white bed


If you are a first time parent, you are probably realising that there is a lot you don’t know about taking care of a newborn. You may be craving a trustworthy person you can go to with questions. And, if you’re an experienced parent you know exactly how challenging newborns and postpartum recovery can be. You may want someone to lean on when the inevitable overwhelm hits. Your doula will be your guide through the new stuff, the overwhelming stuff and the stuff that wasn’t even on your radar, Your doula will take the stress out of being a new parent and help you find your confidence and joy.


We work with first time parents, experienced parents, single parents, parents in blended families, twins, triplets, preemies, medically fragile infants, infants born with physical and/or cognitive differences, exclusively body fed/breastfed babies, exclusively bottle fed babies, combo fed babies, exclusively pumping parents, parents with mental health challenges, babies who bedshare, babies who crib sleep, babies who are recovering from surgery, parents who are recovering from c-sections, parents who have a home birth, parents who had a hospital birth, babies with reflux, and more.

Newborn held by male parent's hands in bath while another hand gently touches baby's head.
Asian parents watch as doula with long brown hair straps newborn into car seat.


  • Help you discover your infant’s secret language
  • Provide hands-on body feeding, breastfeeding and bottle feeding help
  • Teach general baby care skills
  • Educate on what is normal and what is not
  • Spend time with siblings
  • Meal prep and light housekeeping
  • Be someone safe to talk to about parenting and life
  • Problem solve challenges
  • Create systems to thrive as a new parent
  • Give referrals to local care providers and resources




Best Start Days

Get a jump start on parenting with expert support at your most vulnerable time. 

We’ll come to you 3 times during your first week with your new baby. In your 4 hour sessions you’ll enjoy feeding support – including breastfeeding help – new parent coaching, valuable information about your newborn and postpartum recovery, infant care so you can take care of yourself, as well as nurturing to make sure you are thriving in your new parent transition. Enjoy a $30 discount over the regular hourly rate. 

Nurtured Parenting

Love everything about postpartum care but just want MORE? 

Our Nurtured Parenting package gives you 4 weeks of the amazing postpartum care you know you’ll need when baby arrives. We’ll work with you 3 times weekly for 4 hours each day to mentor you through your first month as a new parent. Banish cabin fever, have regular visits from a postpartum and infant care expert, have an extra set of hands to help care for baby, make sure you’re getting nourished in your heart, mind and body. And get all of that for $175 off the regular hourly rate.

Personalized Solutions!

Didn’t find the right package for your needs?  We got you!  

Whether you need one session or 100, you can build the perfect solution for your needs. We’ll help you formulate a plan that matches your vision and needs as well as your budget. Clients who want a large volume of hours will enjoy a $5 per hour discount on their services.