At its heart, doula work is about finding the peace and calm in which to build solutions. The doulas of Hamilton Family Doulas are experts at bringing calm to people in stressful situations. They then work with clients to create solutions that make giving birth, nurturing their children and life itself easier. Whether your goal is a peaceful pregnancy, a beautiful birth experience, help learning to parent or simply more rest, Hamilton Family Doulas are the perfect support system.

The best doulas have been supporting people long before they even knew what a doula was. That’s what happened to founder Leanne Palmerston.


Hamilton, ON

As the first of three sisters to have a baby, she was asked to help each sister after her when they were pregnant.  Each time Leanne stepped into the hospital birth room to encourage these very special birthing people she felt at ease. She felt like she was in the right place and that supporting women during birth was what she was meant to do.

Discovering that this work was a job she could pour her whole heart into changed Leanne’s life.  She left a job in corporate communications to focus on supporting families through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

That journey connected her to Meaghan Grant and Alex Weinberger and together they built Hamilton Family Doulas, an agency that connects the most supportive, nurturing birth and postpartum workers with growing families. Together they are changing what birth and postpartum looks like for thousands of families at the Western end of Lake Ontario.

Postpartum Doula trainings available.
Train to be a labor doula.


When you hire a doula from Hamilton Family Doulas you aren’t just getting one doula, you are getting a whole team! Every birth doula client has a dedicated team of two doulas. That’s two doulas to answer your questions, two doulas to get information and guidance from, and two doulas who share call for you. No matter when you call needing assistance, a doula on your team will answer the phone and be ready to support you.

Each postpartum client has a team of up to five doulas to nurture and support them and their family. Want a few short shifts a week for a few weeks?  You may only need one doula. Looking for overnight support every night of the week, a team of 2 to 3 doulas will be dedicated to getting you and your babies the rest you all crave! And, if any of them experiences a family emergency or illness another team member will step in to make sure you get the seamless support you need.