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With the support of Hamilton Family Doulas, I had the birth experience I dreamt of and beyond. My doulas’ warm, calm, knowledgeable and supportive attitude left me and my husband feeling heard and empowered. The weekly prenatal emails including tons of info on how to best prepare for birth were so helpful and we appreciated having access to a group chat so we could ask away questions as stressed first-time parents. The day of the birth, our doula’s calm energy helped me stay “in the zone” during contractions and cope with the pain. She was also supportive to my husband and never was I left alone during the whole of my labour. She knew when to step in and help us advocate for ourselves.

Sandra M

Birth Doula Client

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After all, you conceived your baby in joy. You deserve to enjoy every minute of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Is that even possible?! Yes! That’s where we come in. From your first moments on the phone, you will feel happy, safe and calm as your doulas – yup, that’s plural, because you’re getting two of them – guide you through pregnancy and birth.



Your team of two birth doulas will make sure you’re always able to get the support you want, when you need it, from a person you know and trust. You’ll always get twice the ideas and help.

Let go of your worries as your doulas connect with your deeper needs and desires. As experts in reading people, it will seem like your doulas anticipate your needs and know just what you need, when you need it.

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Your birth doula team has advanced training in body mechanics, birth, postpartum recovery and infant care. With specialized training in Body Ready Method, Gilligan’s Guide, Spinning Babies, Prenatal Yoga, Advanced Doula Support, Infant Feeding, Infant Oral Tethers, Pediatric Sleep, and Postpartum Care, they will support you to have a faster, smoother, happier birth with fewer interventions and a better postpartum recovery. We’re convinced they are the best birth doulas in Hamilton.





2-Day Spinning Babies Workshop




 Classic Birth Support

Join the hundreds of families who’ve had a better birth experience with a team of HFD birth doulas.

Every client gets a team of 2 birth doulas who go on call immediately and give you unlimited access to support and information. You’ll get a private group chat with your doulas, weekly emails filled with the information you need to have a smooth, calm birth, 2 meetings before birth, 2 meetings after birth, and the at home and hospital birth support. You’ll have a calmer pregnancy, less stressful and smoother birth, and create a more comfortable postpartum transition.

Premium Birth Support

If you’re a first-time parent who loves to research all the things, you’ll love our Premium Birth Support.

We take all of the amazing elements of our Classic Birth Support and add in our three prenatal classes: Birth School, Baby School and Sleep School. This is the outstanding birth solution you’ve been looking for that gives you the all the information you’ve been craving as you plan and prepare for your amazing birth.

Birth Support PLUS

Get the ultimate support for your next birth with Hamilton’s best doulas. Enjoy our amazing birth doula support PLUS more!

The secret sauce is the in-person postural and movement assessment with a Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro. You’ll receive a step-by-step birth preparation plan personalized to your needs and goals. unparalleled birth support at home or hospital to help you achieve your best birth. Your birth doula will use their extensive knowledge of the Body Ready Method, Gilligan’s Guide, Spinning Babies, Yoga, as well as nearly two decades supporting families through birth.

These services are for families local to the Greater Hamilton Ontario area. 

Rates as low as $1295.