We are a Canadian company. We are affected, however, both in material ways and in our heart by what happens in the United States. In light of the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election weΒ wanted to support diversity and say it again: love trumps hate.

Hamilton Family Doulas welcomes all clients regardless of their gender, race, identity, citizenship, marital status, or sexual orientation.

We want you to know, clearly and proudly, that if you are Muslim, or gay, or trans, or differently abled, or single, or multi-partnered, or non-conforming and different in any way: you will find a safe space with the doulas here. If you are making birth or parenting choices that are no popular among your friends and family, we will not judge you.

We recognize, welcome and celebrate diversity.

We will celebrate you. We will celebrate your joys. We will share your setbacks. We will wrap our arms around you when you need help moving forward. Β We will walk the path of your birth and parenting journey with you.

The election outcome has shown us that the work we do as doulas in Ontario is vital. To us difference is the norm. Diversity makes us comfortable. And love always trumps hate.