The stark reality is that sometimes birth isn’t easy. Sometimes our bodies don’t work the way they are supposed to.  And sometimes we just don’t want to give birth without the help of modern medicine.

And that’s OK.

We’re doulas.  We support people who have babies.  But a lot of people who do that job seem to think that some births are better than others.  They promote one kind of birth over another and in the end they leave a lot of people feeling alienated.

We’re not like those other doulas.  We provide truly judgement free support for your birth and new parenting journey.

We aren’t going to tell you that a supposed “natural” birth is better than having an epidural.  We also aren’t going to tell you that an epidural is the way to go.  We are far more interested in what you think is the best way to have a baby.

And we’ll never, ever tell you that your body was built to birth.  Because sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes your uterus or your pelvis are not shaped in a way that is compatible with a vaginal birth. Sometimes your body doesn’t go into labour on it’s own.  Sometimes your body will have an infection.  Sometimes your placenta covers your cervix. Sometimes your baby wants to wear their cord like a backpack. Sometimes your cervix just doesn’t want to open.  Or when it does open, it swells and tears.  Sometimes your blood pressure sky rockets. Sometimes your pancreas doesn’t work correctly.

All of these reasons and more can lead to your body not working as expected during birth and you may need medicine or medical procedures or even surgery in order to give birth to your baby.

All of those things are normal.  They are things that commonly happen.  They can happen even when you take all the best prenatal classes, make a plan for a calm birth and choose a care provider who can make that happen for you. Even then when you spend nine months planning for the most uninterrupted, non-medicated kind of birth possible, even then you may need an epidural and IV oxytocin and a cesarean surgery to give birth to your baby.

Because not all bodies are built to birth.  And no matter how much you trust your body and your baby unexpected, less than ideal things happen.

We know that.  And we’ll support you to plan for the kind of birth you want and help you roll with the changes if the plans need to change.

You deserve a doula team who doesn’t have an agenda.  You deserve a doula team that trusts the health care team that you chose to care for you. You deserve a doula team that respects the place you choose to have your baby.

Because sometimes your body is not built to birth.