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We’ve been helping families just like yours for nearly two decades. And, we’d love to help yours through this amazing transition.


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Your circle of support

Our mission at Hamilton Family Doulas is to help you have the best pregnancy, birth and parenting experience possible.

We know how overwhelming it can be. There is a bewildering amount of information available, endless choices and many, often unwanted, opinions on what you should do. Let us help take the fear out of the entire process.

With your Hamilton Family Doulas doula at your side you’ll feel calm, supported, informed and empowered.


If you find yourself overwhelmed with the information available to you and unable to sort through which is right for you, if you are worried you won’t know what to do when the moment comes and won’t be able to cope, if you feel isolated from the friends and family who would normally provide you with a network of hands-on support at this time, we want you to know that we have a solution.

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Is VBAC Safe For You?

Is VBAC Safe For You?

Let’s explore the question, “is VBAC safe?” What makes a VBAC safe and what exactly do the numbers say about VBAC safety.

Does Sleep Training Hurt Attachment?

Does Sleep Training Hurt Attachment?

There is a common myth that sleep training can hurt a baby’s secure attachment to their parents, but the reality is quite different. Let’s bust a myth.

Reduce stress

You don’t have to suffer from clinical anxiety to be stressed and anxious about what birthing and parenting will be like. Helping you find your calm centre is what we do best whether you’re in labour, or trying to understand your baby. 

Become Informed

Where are you supposed to turn when you need information but you don’t want to call your doctor or midwife? You turn to your doula! We’re experts on all things birth and baby and we’ll help you find the information that is right for you.

Find strength

There is something magical about having a person you trust beside you every step of the way. Get some of that magic for yourself by connecting with us for a free consultation and find out just how strong you can be!

Amazing doulas!! I could not have delivered my baby girl without my doula by my side. She was encouraging, super hands on and extremely helpful.They offered personalized support for our needs before, during and after birth. They made my family and I feel extremely comfortable and cared for. We’re so happy we had our doula team to help guide us through our whole journey, and I’d highly recommend their care, services and expertise to any expecting family.


Birth Client

Burlington, ON

We took the Baby 101 and Birth 101 courses privately and they were excellent! Our doula came and taught us in our home and we found it extremely valuable and a total game changer in terms of feeling “ready” and confident overall for our baby. She was awesome and we felt immediately comfortable with her. We were able to ask her any questions that we had with complete ease! We would highly highly recommend taking both courses in order to feel your best as new parents.

Education Client

Hamilton, ON

My family & I will be forever grateful, and it’s been not only a pleasure, but truly an honour. Please know, that I will genuinely miss you all, and will always remember each of you fondly, and as an incredible support system during a joyous, yet crazy, time in our lives! All the very best to each of you, you’re all incredible, and any family would be lucky to know you.

Postpartum Doula & Night Nanny Client

Ancaster, ON


How can we make your pregnancy, birth and recovery better?



“alone we are strong; together we are stronger”


We truly believe that the guidance, support and knowledge you will find at Hamilton Family Doulas will make your experience of pregnancy, birth, recovery and parenting better. It’s what we’re spending our whole lives proving.