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Sleep Consulting Night Nanny Prenatal Classes Birth Doula



Not only did Leanne and Rosanne support us before the birth with exercises and birth plans, but having a doula there during the birth to assist with positioning and support through contractions was instrumental in our success at a VBAC!

Amanda C

VBAC Client

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  • Are you hoping to avoid a repeat c-section?
  • Want to prepare for birth differently this time?
  • Craving guidance, encouragement and advocacy?
  • Want a more active and rewarding birth experience?
  • Hoping to make your recovery more comfortable?
  • Excited AND terrified at the same time?
  • Not quite sure where to start planning?



REVIEW – Your VBAC specialist will review your previous birth, your movement patterns and body alignment looking for the keys to unlock your VBAC success!

PLAN – Your VBAC specialist will create a step-by-step, personalized movement plan that will help you prepare your body and mind for your VABC!

SUPPORT – Your VBAC specialist will educate, inspire and encourage you in your journey, providing individualized expert guidance.

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Every VBAC plan we provide is personalized to your unique circumstances and needs. Whether you are birthing locally – Hamilton, ON – or beyond (we support clients worldwide) you will have an easy-to-understand, step-by-step pathway to VBAC success that incorporates a movement and resilience practice for pregnancy, clear and simple suggestions for coping in early and advanced labour, and best practice guidelines for birthing that will give you the best possible chance at achieving a healthy, straightforward birth that focuses on minimizing interventions. 





Certified VBAC Specialist

2-Day Spinning Babies Workshop




VBAC To Baby

Take control of your future birth experience now by working with a VBAC Specialist who has a deep understanding of the bio-mechanics of pregnancy and birth. You’ll receive a postural & movement assessment by a Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro and a personalized VBAC Preparation Plan that includes a step-by-step plan that will help you dramatically increase your chances of a successful vaginal birth after cesarean. VBAC To Baby is the success plan that will transform your pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.

Services Provided Virtually – Not Location Dependent!

Birth Support Plus

Get the ultimate support for your next birth with Hamilton’s best doulas. Enjoy our amazing birth doula support PLUS more!

The secret sauce is the in-person postural and movement assessment with a Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro. You’ll receive a step-by-step birth preparation plan personalized to your needs and goals. unparalleled birth support at home or hospital to help you achieve your best birth. Your birth doula will use their extensive knowledge of the Body Ready Method, Gilligan’s Guide, Spinning Babies, Yoga, as well as nearly two decades supporting families through birth.

This is a service for families local to the Greater Hamilton Ontario area.