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Sleep Consulting

Sleep Consulting

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Our 6 month old baby is now consistently napping in the crib, settling themself, and waking much happier and more rested. We’re eternally grateful to you!

Amy H

Sleep Consulting Client

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  • Does it feel like you might never sleep again?
  • Are you so desperate for sleep you’re resorting to dangerous solutions?
  • Unsure of what safe sleep looks like and how to achieve it?
  • Finding your mental health is suffering from low sleep?
  • Feel like your little one is allergic to sleep?
  • Have you tried all of the free advice, used all the apps and read all the books and feel even more lost than when you started?




We follow a 3-step system whose end result is easier bedtimes, predictable naps and longer night sleep.

Observe – Explore why there are sleep disturbances to know how to resolve them.

Plan – Get a step-by-step guide on how to achieve your goals.

Support – Receive support to get the plan right and build your confidence.

Sleep Coach Consulant
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Every solution we offer is personalized to your family’s needs.

We do not offer cookie cutter sleep training plans. We factor in your baby’s age, your goals, your preferences for the speed of any solution you want. As we move through the process, we will refine our recommendations to match your family’s shifting needs.

We are your partner in achieving better sleep for your whole family!




2-Week Sleep Program

You’ll enjoy three 1-hour virtual meetings across 2 weeks to learn about your family’s needs, to go over sleep plans, and to follow up and provide guidance throughout the process. Learn proven techniques that will transform your little one’s sleep. Get unlimited free use of the Rested App to track your child’s sleep patterns and communicate with your sleep consultant.

Best for: parents wanting quick solutions to their child’s sleep challenges.

Services Provided Virtually – Not Location Dependent!

In-Home Sleep Coaching – Full Service

Sleep training can be nerve-wracking for parents. Jumpstart your sleep training experience with our In-Home Sleep Coaching service. An experienced sleep coach will coach your baby for 3 consecutive nights to ensure the greatest success to your plan. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a well-rested family!

Best for: anxious parents, parents who want fast success, parents who are too exhausted and nervous to coach their own infant. 

Services Provided In Person in the Greater Hamilton Area!