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Better Birth Prep


Sleep Consulting Night Nanny Prenatal Classes Birth Doula


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  • Are you hoping to reduce your risk of intervention?
  • Want to feel more in control of your birth experience?
  • Concerned about the effects of pregnancy on your body?
  • Craving guidance, encouragement and advocacy?
  • Want a more active and rewarding birth experience?
  • Hoping to make your recovery more comfortable?
  • Not quite sure where to start planning?



OBSERVE – Your Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro will assess your lifestyle factors, movement patterns and body alignment as well as review previous births, if applicable.

PLAN – Your Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro will prepare a plan that includes a personalized step-by-step plan of movement tools and expert advice for preparing your body and mind for a comfortable pregnancy, a smoother birth and an easier postpartum recovery.

SUPPORT – Your Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro will educate, inspire and encourage you in your journey, providing individualized expert guidance.

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Every Better Birth plan we provide is personalized to your unique circumstances and needs. Whether you are giving birth in Hamilton, ON or anywhere else in the world (as we offer global support), we provide a clear and straightforward path to a Better Birth. Our approach includes movement and resilience practice during pregnancy, simple yet effective strategies to manage early and advanced labor, and evidence-based guidelines for birthing that optimize the likelihood of a healthy, intervention-minimized birth experience.





2-Day Spinning Babies Workshop




Better Birth Prep

Partner with a Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro to take charge of your upcoming birth experience. Our experts possess extensive knowledge of pregnancy and birth biomechanics, enabling them to provide you with a comprehensive postural and movement evaluation. Using this information, you’ll receive a personalized Better Birth Preparation Plan, which outlines a step-by-step approach to significantly enhance your likelihood of a low-intervention birth. With Better Birth Prep as your success plan, you’ll experience a transformative pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.

Services Provided Virtually – Not Location Dependent!


Birth Support Plus

Get the ultimate support for your next birth with Hamilton’s best doulas. Enjoy our amazing birth doula support PLUS more!

The secret sauce is the in-person postural and movement assessment with a Certified Body Ready Method™️ Pro. You’ll receive a step-by-step birth preparation plan personalized to your needs and goals. unparalleled birth support at home or hospital to help you achieve your best birth. Your birth doula will use their extensive knowledge of the Body Ready Method, Gilligan’s Guide, Spinning Babies, Yoga, as well as nearly two decades supporting families through birth.

This is a service for families local to the Greater Hamilton Ontario area.