Love Letters To Doulas

“We just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for everything you’ve done for us from start to finish!! It was such a great experience!! ❤ “


Birth and Postpartum Client

Thank you so much for Meghan and Keera’s help.  They are wonderful, and we are very fortunate to have their help..


Night Nanny Client

My family & I will be forever grateful, and it’s been not only a pleasure, but truly an honour, to have gotten to know each of you.”

There’s so much more that I wish I could say & covey, but please know, that I will genuinely miss you all, and will always remember each of you fondly, and as an incredible support system during a joyous, yet crazy, time in our lives! ❤️ All the very best to each of you, you’re all incredible, and any family would be lucky to know you.


Postpartum & Night Nanny Client

These lovely women were knowledgeable, flexible, and above all, aimed to meet our needs as they arose. I highly recommend working with the women at the Hamilton Family Doulas. It means a lot knowing that you have ready and knowledgeable support available in this special (and sometimes challenging!) time of life.


Postpartum Client

My experience with Leanne was very positive!  She was very knowledgeable and always responded quickly to any concerns or questions that I had.  She also had a very confident, positive and reassuring way about her that was comforting as this was my first pregnancy. It was a great experience for us and made for a positive and calm delivery!! Thanks Leanne!!


Birth Client

My husband and I immensely valued Leanne’s support for our birth – before, during and after.  The postpartum home visit was invaluable and helped to normalize our experience of having our first newborn son with us at home.  Leanne is a warm and caring person and really approachable.  She answered all of my questions promptly with empathy and knowledge.  I tell everyone I know who is pregnant to get a doula – even if they already have a midwife.  It is worth every penny!


Birth Client

Leanne was an absolute pleasure to work with, and offered warm support and frank advice. It really helped us feel prepared as we approached birth and parenthood. It was also great how much focus is placed on the birth partner in these classes – both the experience and needs of the birthing mother and her partner/spouse/supporter are focused on.


Education Client

Leanne was our doula for our first child’s birth, and did private prenatal classes with us too. It was nice getting to know her during the classes, and right from the start we felt very comfortable with her. Leanne assisted me in achieving the totally natural birth experience I desired, and helped my husband know how best to support me.


Birth & Education Client

My partner and I loved the hands on birth preparation class! We are expecting our first child soon and this class has certainly made both of us feel more prepared for what is to come. Leanne was fantastic, knowledgeable and has made us feel much more at ease when it comes to our upcoming delivery. Thank you for this wonderful class.


Education Client

Leanne was amazing labour support! She offered support, encouragement & lots of hands on comforting. She also supported & encouraged my partner. I think what was particularly special about Leanne was her ability to read us & offer us what we needed when we needed it – it seemed very intuitive.


Birth Client

Thank you for everything. Your support for our family was priceless.


Birth & Postpartum Client

Leanne far passed any expectations. I felt so supported by her. I had a higher level of confidence with her by my side. I loved that she helped calm down my husband. My family loved her so much as well. My sister said when she gets pregnant she’s getting a doula – but it has to be Leanne! She is truly meant to be a doula. Leanne rocks!


Birth Client

Leanne and the the doulas were fantastic to deal with! My husband and I engaged them for the private, in home prenatal classes as he works an unpredictable schedule, and Leanne was more than accommodating. Each class was well structured, thorough and informative. She was able to answer all of our (many, many) questions with ease and was so reassuring in doing so. As first time parents, her guidance and experience was invaluable to us. Additionally, she was able to tailor the classes to include specific information we were looking for. We really appreciated her non-judgmental and inclusive approach when it came to talking about pain management. The follow up emails she sends after each class were jam-packed with information, and the connections and recommendations she can offer in the Greater Hamilton Area are super helpful. We highly recommend Leanne and her team.


Education Client

Love love love my doula!!! Leanne did private prenatal classes with my husband which were fantastic and really helped us prepare for parenthood. She was absolutely wonderful at our birth and walked us through a rough time when my carefully planned home birth turned into a medicated induction. She helped me feel at peace with the fact that nothing had gone as planned.


Birth & Education Client

Leanne helped us relax before, during and after childbirth. Having a husband who is out of town a lot made me nervous when it came to even thinking about the birth of our child. That fear was completely eased knowing that Leanne would be with me no matter what! Her childbirth education lessons were professionally done; we were impressed with the content, as well as Leanne’s tutorial style and humour. When I went into labour, Leanne stayed with us for nearly 24 hours! She was a great help to us at home, and provided the reassurance we needed with all the twists & turns that happened at the hospital. She was also fantastic when I needed some company and help with breastfeeding after our child was born. What an amazing and genuine caring lady!


Birth & Education Client

It was you who guided me through my son’s tongue tie and found a paediatrician that would cut it. The first 3 weeks of his life breastfeeding was awful. Many tears from me not understanding why he couldn’t feed. Your patience and guidance through all of that was incredible. Then when his tongue tie cutting coincided with his three week growth spurt and he cluster fed for 24 hours straight I remember talking to you. Your wisdom and knowledge helped me through that first month. I wish all new Moms had a Doula. It would help them cope much better with this parenting thing.

Gaylene C

Birth Client