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My Newborn Won’t Sleep

Is your newborn not sleeping? Find out when they might start sleeping through the night and what influences when and why.

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Let’s Get This Party Started!

Waiting to have a baby is the worst so here are some things you can do at the end of pregnancy to make it easier for your body to go into labour on its own.

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Don’t Hire A Doula

"You don't need one. I'll be your doula," said the husband of a former client. They were lying in bed, late at night, dreaming and planning for the birth of their second baby when the pregnant woman made a mental note that she'd need to call the doula in the morning....

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Camping With A Newborn?

You can already hear the wind in the trees. You’re body relaxes just thinking about it. But, there is just one problem: You’re having a baby any day now!

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All About Your Bishop Score

If only there was a way to assess whether you might have a baby sooner or later! Wait, there is! It’s called the Bishop Score.

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Doulas Are For Surrogacy

A doula can provide a particular type of support that your partner, Intended Parents and medical care providers are unable to provide making them an important addition to the surrogate’s birth team.

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Top 10 Best Walks In Hamilton

Stroller friendly, toddler friendly and pregnant waddle friendly, these are the 10 best walks for pregnant people and new parents in Hamilton!

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Love Deepens

When a new contraction started, he would fold me into his arms and we would sway back and forth, slow dancing through the pain.

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Eat Sleep Poop Cry

To new parents the first days home with baby are a little – or a lot – bewildering. Here is some helpful advice from a postpartum doula.

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Burping Baby Is For Suckers!

What is happening when you burp a baby and do you even need to do it? A doula looks at the evidence and makes a bold statement.

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Confession: I’m a Doula And I Failed At Breastfeeding

You cannot imagine the shame you feel when you are a doula and your baby is admitted to hospital for failure to thrive due to inadequate food intake.  I teach women to breastfeed for a living! But, I was a breastfeeding failure. I failed myself and it put my son...

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A Watched Giraffe Never Births

If you haven't heard of April the pregnant giraffe you might have been on the moon. And if you have been home and have heard about her you probably watched some footage of the animal pacing her stall hoping to catch a glimpse of a giraffe giving birth. Live feeds from...

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