Infant Feeding Support!

Breastfeeding, chest feeding, induced lactation, bottle feeding, exclusive pumping, starting solids, weaning – these are the things pregnant and new parents worry about the most. Will it work?  Will it be hard? Will it be painful? Will my baby thrive? The Infant Feeding Specialist’s job is to help you prepare for the most successful infant feeding journey possible. Starting before baby is even born, sit down with a specialist to discuss your ideal feeding plan. Address worries and make a plan for a comfortable and rewarding feeding journey. 

Success starts with a plan. Your Infant Feeding Specialist will sit down with you in pregnancy and build a feeding plan. It will address your ideals, your worries and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. 

After baby arrives, you’ll enjoy ongoing access to your Infant Feeding Specialist. They will be answer your questions, provide resources, observe your technique and provide feedback for to make feeding more comfortable and effective. They will help identify when you need higher level support and provide referrals to the right medical professionals for the job. 

The Infant Feeding Specialist will work with you in your home over the course of days, weeks and months supporting both a lactation consultant’s plan. And if your ideal feeding choices should change, your Infant Feeding Specialist will help you navigate those changes without judgment. 

When you’re baby is ready to begin solids or wean from breastfeeding, chest feeding or bottle feeding your Infant Feeding Specialist will again be at your side with information and support that honours your plan. 

Get help with chest feeding, supplementation, exclusive pumping, breastfeeding multiples, switch feeding, and more.

This is the unbiased, compassionate, full spectrum feeding support every new parent needs.

It was you who guided me through my son’s tongue tie and found a pediatrician that would cut it. The first 3 weeks of his life breastfeeding was awful. Many tears from me not understanding why he couldn’t feed. Your patience and guidance through all of that was incredible. Then when his tongue tie cutting coincided with his three week growth spurt and he cluster fed for 24 hours straight I remember talking to you. Your wisdom and knowledge helped me through that first month. I wish all new Moms had a Doula. It would help them cope much better with this parenting thing.

Gaylene C.

Choose an Infant Feeding Plan session, one-time support or a full year of ongoing in-person and remote support.