Fear And Rumours And Is Placenta Encapsulation Safe?

People considering placenta encapsulation have long gotten the side eye from skeptical friends, family and medical practitioners. It’s a practice with lots of good anecdotal evidence and not a lot of clinical support.  People have always wanted to know: is...

Listening A Key Element To Placenta Encapsulation

A little more than a year ago we stopped processing placentas in our own homes and started providing placenta encapsulation services exclusively in our client’s homes. There are a LOT of reasons why we’ve done that, but the most important one is because...

How Do I Know It’s My Placenta?!

That’s the number one question we always received from potential clients: how do I know it’ll be my placenta?  I’ve been getting asked that question for the more than 6 years I’ve been transforming placentas into capsules. Can I see where you...

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