Ancient Wisdom, Modern Methods

Our placenta services provide years of experience, an ancient tradition
and modern safe handling methods to ensure you a unique postpartum
supplement to help as you recover from birth and navigate the sometimes
stressful waters of new parenting.


Some cultures call the placenta The Little Mother. Others call it The Tree Of Life. No matter what you call it, it’s a wondrous thing, nourishing your child from shortly after conception until birth and its job isn’t done with the birth of your baby. We will honour the placenta and create a supplement that will nourish you!


Supports Good Health

Anecdotal evidence suggests that placenta capsules can balance postpartum hormones, provide an important source of iron and improve milk supply in breastfeeding parents. Hamilton Doula Group parents report: more energy, balanced moods, faster recovery, lighter bleeding and increased milk supply.

Safe & Reliable

Our trained Postpartum Placenta Specialists have experience encapsulating 100s of placentas over the last 8 years. They will prepare your placenta in your home using rigorous modern safety protocols to ensure you get the safest services possible.  They can answer all of your questions.

Let’s Get Started!

Placenta Encapsulation Services
$300.00 (+HST = $339.00)

A Postpartum Placenta Specialists will come to your home, prepare and encapsulate your placenta.  This two-day process is performed while you rest.  They bring their own sanitized equipment and leave their working area cleaner than they found it!


Mother Tincture
$50.00 (+HST = $56.50)

A Mother Tincture is a small piece of placenta that is added to quality brandy and brewed for 6 weeks. This natural remedy can easily prolong the good effects of your placenta past the newborn period.

Your bottle will include a dropper to make adding it to juice, water or tea easy.


Tree of Life Art Prints $50.00 (+HST = $56.50)

The baby’s side of the placenta resembles a tree.  We call that the Tree Of Life.  This tree roots of to our mothers as we grow and develop. Now you can preserve this unique image in the form of a one of a kind art print.  Printed on large format, archival quality,  artist’s printmaking paper, you will have 4 individual prints that are suitable for framing.

Out Of Town Premium $50.00 (+HST = $56.50)

We travel to you.  But, if you live outside of the City of Hamilton there is a small travel premium. This ensures our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are able to easily get to you whether you live 15 minutes outside of the city or an hour. Check out our service area map below to see if you are in our coverage area.

Are You In Our Service Area?

We service Hamilton, Halton, Niagara, Brant and Haldimand Counties at the Western end of Lake Ontario.

If you are outside our service area get in touch and we can pair you with a trusted Postpartum Encapsulation Specialist.

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