Rest, Recovery, Peace


Night Nanny

Wake up rested so you can be the parent,
partner and person you want to be.

A Night Nanny will help your whole family
sleep better for a happier, healthier home.




What is a Night Nanny?

Your Night Nanny does everything a Postpartum Doula does but specializes in overnight support. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding your Night Nanny will care for your baby and encourage good sleep habits while you get the rest you need.

  • We follow your plan!
  • Assist sleep training!
  • Breast and bottle support!
  • Safe baby care!
  • Multiples!
  • Quieter nights!
  • Longer sleep!
  • Happier, healthier parents!
  • Wake energized!
  • Respite care available!

Want to learn more about our services?  Need someone to help you ASAP? Not sure which services are the best fit? Contact us to start having a better birth and postpartum recovery now!

Love Letters To Doulas


“We had a great night last night. Best sleep of our lives. Thank you so much for accommodating us on such short notice, This is such a great service.” Anne, Ancaster




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