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Birth Doula

Ready to feel calm and prepared for birth?

Your birth doula will help you feel powerful,
capable, safe and comforted before, during
and after your amazing birth.

Our Birth Support Includes:


Whether you become a client at 16 weeks or 36 weeks we’re ready to answer your questions and support your needs at a moment’s notice.


Get to know your doulas and let them get to know you and your unique needs. They will help you prepare for birth and new parenting in two meetings.


Every client gets two doulas who work as a team to support your needs. You will always feel safe with a familiar face joining your in labour.


You’re going to have lots of questions after baby arrives and your doulas will visit with you twice to make sure you are getting off to the best possible start in parenting.

Experience, excellence, warmth and security come standard with your doula package. Starting at $1100. 

Call us – 289 426 5170 – or email us – – and talk to a doula about your birth plans. Tell us about what you’re hoping for and we’ll help you create the perfect solution so that you can get amazing support when you need it most.

Support Where You Need It


Your doula team will support you and your partner for births
happening in and around Hamilton, Ontario. This includes but
is not limited to the City of Hamilton, Burlington, Waterdown,
Oakville, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Ancaster, and Brantford.
Hospitals we work at include McMaster University Medical Centre,
St. Joseph’s Hospital, Joseph Brant Hospital, West Lincoln Memorial
Hospital, Oakville Trafalgar Hospital and Brantford General Hospital.

Laura, you made me feel at ease and I was able to stay calm and even happy throughout labour making it a very enjoyable and memorable experience. I rave about you to everyone. I suggest everyone gets a doula. Especially Laura! I feel like I was well-prepared beforehand on what to expect which alleviated a lot of my fears. Thank you again!  You’re the best!!

Jennifer G.

Crystal is a down-to-earth and caring individual who is so passionate and amazing at what she does. As soon as I hired Crystal, I instantly felt relieved, knowing that she would be there for additional support. During labour she was patient, soft spoken, talked me through the pain and asked if I wanted to try different positions or techniques that we had previously discussed in our initial meeting. She also kept my husband interactive with me and her support kept him calm.

Melissa B.

My husband and I immensely valued Leanne’s support for our birth – before, during and after.  The postpartum home visit was invaluable and helped to normalize our experience of having our first newborn son with us at home.  Leanne is a warm and caring person and really approachable.  She answered all of my questions promptly with empathy and knowledge. It is worth every penny!

Margi C.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure I can afford a doula!

Your team of two doulas will support your needs in pregnancy, labour and the newborn period.  You always have access to both doulas, guaranteeing you get the kind of support you want, when you want it!  We know everyone’s budget is different and for this reason you are able to put a down a deposit and pay for your services over the course of the remainder of your pregnancy.  Make 1 payment or 10!

When should I contact you for a consultation?

We recommend booking consultations before 26 weeks, when possible. This allows us adequate time to schedule prenatal meetings and save your space on our calendar should you hire us. We do try our best to accommodate late requests but our calendar may be full. Please contact us to learn more about our availability around your estimated due date.

If I have a midwife do I really need a Doula?

Doulas and midwives have different roles at a birth. A midwife manages all the medical responsibilities and while many are comfortable with providing labour support, their priority is clinical tasks. Doulas are able to focus solely on the experience and needs of the mother and partner. Most midwives will only join you in labour when your contractions are well established. Doulas typically join you in early labour or when you feel you need support. In some cases this can be many hours before a midwife would typically arrive. It is not uncommon for doulas to work in conjunction with midwives and most welcome our presence as part of the family’s birth team.

Do Doulas only work with people who want a “natural” birth?

Doulas provide caring, quality labour support to people who choose many different ways to labour and birth. Whether a person prefers to labour with epidural anesthesia or work towards a medication free labour, a doula is available to support them in the manner they desire.

Will my Doula tell the nurses and doctors what I want and don’t want in labour?

A Doula does not communicate your desires to your medical team. It is your job to talk with your medical team. A Doula can make sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions and help empower your choices so that you feel confident when speaking to doctors and nurses.

Won’t a Doula take my partner’s place at the birth?

A Doula will never “push out” a partner willing and eager to be at his partner’s side during labour. A Doula will be ready to provide support to a birthing person whose partner does not wish to be the primary labour support and will give them guidance for providing essential support to their birthing partners. Give this excellent article on Dads and Doulas a read.

What if my doctor doesn’t like Doulas?

Despite the well-documented health and emotional benefits of continuous labour support by a non-medical, unrelated person, some doctors don’t like Doulas. This is very rare and most likely due to the doctor not understanding a Doula’s role and scope of practice. If you want Doula support during your labour and your doctor does not seem supportive of Doulas, ask your Doula to provide you with a handout explaining what it is that Doulas do.

Will I have an easy labour if I hire a Doula?

Birth can be unpredictable. Since there are a lot of different factors that contribute to successful labours, just hiring a doula can’t guarantee a smooth or easy labour. It can, however, give you a greater chance of avoiding many complications and interventions in labour and birth. Studies show that women who hire Doulas reduce their risk of having a c-section by 50%, reduce their need for pitocin by 40%, request epidurals 60% less often, have 40% fewer forceps deliveries than the general population and have labours that are 25% shorter than women who do not use Doulas.

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