The Best Prenatal Classes!

“Highly recommended. Wouldn’t have made it through labour
without the tips we learned from you wonderful people!”

“We were so nervous. Our class helped both of us feel so much
calmer about birth. Everyone should take a class!”

“Thank you for helping us feel much better about the labour
experience and the techniques that will be a great help.”

“Your class was fun and full of information. I feel so
much more confident about having this baby now!”

No Filler Birth and Baby Classes

The No B.S., Uncensored, Fluff-Free Class for the Modern Parent


Hamilton Family Doulas has been teaching childbirth classes to families like yours for over a decade.  Drawing from evidence based medicine and 14 years of experience supporting birthing people, these birth prep and baby prep classes get to the heart of the matter:

What is birth really going to be like?

What do I really need to know to take care of my baby?

Learn what you need to know to have your best birth no matter what your ideal birth looks like or how your plans may need to change.  Partners and birth coaches will learn practical ways to support birth givers and explore proven strategies for coping with and without medication. Then, learn everything you need to know to safely take care of your newborn baby. Find out not only how to survive but how to thrive as a new parent!