No One Knows The Postpartum Person and Baby Like The Postpartum Doula


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What Is A Postpartum Doula?

Your postpartum doula is an expert in newborns and postpartum recovery. You might even think of her as the newborn whisperer. She will come into your home and reveal the secrets of baby behaviour, uncover and support your unique parenting strategies and leave you more confident and better rested.

What Is A Night Nanny?

Your Night Nanny does everything a Postpartum Doula does but specializes in overnight support. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding your Night Nanny will care for your baby and encourage good sleep habits while you get the rest you need.

  • You are in charge!
  • Breastfeeding support!
  • More sleep!
  • Tidy home!
  • Bottle feeding support!
  • New parenting expertise!
  • Community referrals!
  • Companionship!
  • Day time or overnight!
  • Options and flexibility!
  • We follow your plan!
  • Assist sleep training!
  • Breast and bottle support!
  • Safe baby care!
  • Multiples!
  • Quieter nights!
  • Longer sleep!
  • Happier, healthier parents!
  • Wake energized!
  • Respite care available!

Love Letters To Doulas

“Leanne taught me key skills around feeding, soothing and babywearing. She gave tonnes of reassurance regarding normal baby development and boosted my confidence. I can’t say enough good things. A tremendous source of reassurance, wisdom, understanding and support, Leanne has been a ray of light during a tough time of transition.” Menaka P.


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