Support For Your New Baby


Looking for help taking care of your newborn baby?

Do you want to get better sleep at night?

Wishing your young baby would sleep better?

Get support now.




Night and Day

Get the care you want when you want it.

Want better sleep? A night doula will nurture your baby while you get the sleep you need to function. Your doula will even help reinforce good sleep habits for you baby so that when they are ready they will more easily transition to longer, deeper night sleep, giving your whole family great nights.

Need help during the day? A daytime doula will support you while you recover from birth and learn all about your new baby. By caring for you, your baby and some of your day-to-day responsibilities, your doula will help you master new parenting and get you back on top of every day success.



Infant Feeding Support

No matter what your plan is, we will support it.

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, formula feeding – your doula will help you.

Your doula will talk with you about your feeding goals. They will sit and observe your feeds and offer important tips and encouragement that will improve your technique. Your doula will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

And, if you find that your goals are shifting, your doula will be the first to cheer you on.  Your doula leaves comes to you with no judgment and helps you find your best way.



A Reliable Team

Your Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas provide safe and compassionate care for your family.

Your support team is trained in baby and postpartum care.  They are insured, trained in CPR – First Aid, and pass a police check. They have experience with both singletons, older babies and multiples.

We will connect you to a fantastic doula who will meet your needs.

With a team to back you up you will never have to worry about being without the care you want. You can rely on Hamilton Family Doulas to provide compassionate, judgment free care you can rely on any day or night of the week.  You won’t suffer through any last minute, inconvenient cancellations and you’ll face no limitations on coverage. Your doula team will meet your schedule expectations.

Find The Perfect Support Solution To Fit Your Needs!

Your Hamilton Family Doulas team will work with you to define what your needs are and help you build the perfect postpartum doula package. Whether you want occasional help during the day, live-in support, overnight baby care so that you can sleep, or the benefit of a long term doula, Hamilton Family Doulas can create a plan and match you with compassionate, skilled, nurturing doulas.

Rates range from $30 to $34.  Secure your support with a 25 hour deposit!

Call us – 289 426 5170 – or email us – – now and talk to a doula about what your needs are. Tell us about what you’re looking for and we’ll help you create the perfect solution so that you can get amazing support when you need it most.

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Love Letters To Doulas

“Thank you for everything. Your support of our family has been priceless.” Amal, Burlington