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Bra → Nursing Bra Conversion

We are excited and proud to offer Babe Magnet Nursing Bra Conversions. This is an elegant solution to the problem of having bras you love and that fit well but aren’t well suited to nursing. We will convert your bra with the Babe Magnet so that you can nurse and be comfortable. 

The Babe Magnet creates possibilities for nursing parents. Store bought breastfeeding bras are sometimes uncomfortable, are limited in colour and style and can have finicky clasps or pull-open fronts that stretch out of shape over time. Online bras gives options you have to take on faith will fit you and if they don’t or you don’t like the feel of the materials, you’re stuck.  Babe Magnet offers a totally customizable option that will work with sports bras, comfort bras, lace bras and everything in between. Check out this video to learn more!

The best part: we do all the sewing and return your bras ready to nurse in. 

Belly Binding

Create a firm foundation for postpartum recovery with belly binding. Inspired by ancient traditions, the belly bind is a hand tied length of beautifully dyed fabric that is wound round the belly and hips of the recovering parent. It helps to draw in and stabilize the hips after the pressures of pregnancy and birth. Belly binding can also assist in healing from damaged abdominal muscles when under the care of an appropriate professional.

Unlike your grandmother’s girdle or a commercial belly band, our beautiful binders can be tied to the firmness you desire and can be altered to your exact comfort. Belly binding feels great and you’ll be taught how to bind yourself, or you can opt to have your partner taught, so you can re-tie your binder many times over the days and weeks after birth.

Gift Giving

Get the gift of rest, recovery, education and support!  We will prepare a personalized webpage that you can share with family, friends and colleagues that will make gifting you doula services totally painless. We make the site, give you the URL, handle the administrative side of things and your loved ones will receive a card to present at an event or send to you. 

This is also the best option for giving a gift to a loved one. They can use your gift to pay for any of our services. When you can’t be there to care for the new parents and baby(s!), a gift of doula support is the next best thing. If you have questions get in touch for more information.

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