A little more than a year ago we stopped processing placentas in our own homes and started providing placenta encapsulation services exclusively in our client’s homes. There are a LOT of reasons why we’ve done that, but the most important one is because this puts us in our client’s homes when they are most vulnerable.

We are in the home of a new mother who is not sleeping well, learning how to care for a baby, under pressure to be attentive all the time to a newborn and recovering from the physical stresses of birth. That gives us a very special oppourtunity to go above and beyond simple placenta encapsulation.

It gives us a chance to help new parents recover and thrive.

Here are some words from Hamilton Family Doulas co-owner Leanne Palmerston on why she loves working with new mothers in their own homes for placenta encapsulation.

Have you been thinking about placenta encapsulation?  We have nearly a decade of experience servicing families in southern Ontario. Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists will come to you and process your placenta in your very own home. Afterward your kitchen will be clean and you  will feel more confident.

Find out more info on our Placenta Services page or call us at 289 426 5170 to find out how to turn your placenta into a unique supplement that can help you recover and thrive after birth.

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